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About Bourdon Forge Company, Inc.

Bourdon Forge Company, Inc. began with the manufacture of parachute hardware, which lead to the introduction of the safety hardware used in the Fall Arrest and Safety Industries, as well as the Race Car Industry. Many of the original parachute and safety products BFI has manufactured over the past 40 years are used today in fall arrest, personal rescue, and auto racing restraint systems.

We also custom manufacture forged & stamped hardware. Our product lines include: rings, adjusters, adapters, hooks, snaps, buckles and carabiners, cargo hardware and latches. BFI also carries an exclusive line of high-temp alloy, stainless steel aircraft latches and clevises. Our goal has always been and will continue to be customer satisfaction through quality, competitive pricing and on time delivery. BFI’s commitment is to the quality of your forging requirements, which begins when we introduce ourselves to you and continues through the daily operation of our company.

BFI utilizes state-of-the-art technology to manufacture high quality forgings with maximum strength to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements. CAD/CAM and CADIF (Computer Aided Design for Impact Forging) systems are implemented for the development of highly specialized products. CNC transfers these designs into reality. BFI has the ability to manufacture items as small as a few ounces and up to 500 pounds, using a variety of materials including Carbon, Alloy, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper Base Alloys, Titanium, as well as High & Low Temp Alloys.

“We entertain all forging requirements and also have an elite line of parachute and safety hardware servicing military and commercial customers worldwide. Our forgings are distributed among industries such as Aerospace, Aircraft, Medical, Race Car Hardware, Fall Arrest/Safety Hardware, Nuclear, Marine, Petro-Chemical, Firearms for both Commercial and US Military,” says Peter Bourdon, President of Bourdon Forge Company, Inc.

The Bourdon Forge Team is continually improving on existing products and developing new products to meet or exceed the expectations of customers. Innovative ideas from employees and customers have continued to provide BFI with a competitive edge to excel. With in-house tooling and engineering, BFI is able to provide its customers with fast turnaround for custom jobs. Customers are able to receive models in as little as one day and prototypes in less than 14 days, thanks to BFI’s paperless manufacturing processes, and ability to reverse engineer products.

The team of employees at BFI numbers over one hundred-eighty, many of which are tenured pioneers because of the open relationship between management and the rest of the team members. “We’re vainglorious of our team,” said Peter Bourdon, “Our team is the reason for our success, and why we have remained independently owned and operated since 1969.”

BFI enjoys a solid relationship with over 500 customers and is continually implementing new technology to create growth through present and potential customer requirements. The team’s ultimate goal is to provide specialized manufacturing to meet the increasingly specialized needs of their customer.

Remember. “If It Has To Be Tough, Forge It!”